Integrating email and forum software

Project Status

Status report on tasks in hand:
1. DONE: users can now switch between subscribed, unsubscribed, subscribed but receiving no messages; or subscribed to the digest
2. IN PROGRESS: I’m working at providing an alternative web connection to the mailman options screens, in case local python access isn’t possible. One of my target projects uses cPanel, which can be fussy about interfering with command-line access to mailman
3. AMBITION: to create an importer to import pipermail archives (the main archiver for mailman) into a buddypress forum
4. IN PROGRESS: to use a customised version of Postie to import messages from an email box into buddypress forums
5. IN PROGRESS: ensure that those messages end up on the right topic, by using message-id, in-reply-to, references, and Subject: Re:…
6. IN PROGRESS: to forward any messages posted onto the forum directly, get forwarded onto the mailman list too



  1. Any update on the postie to buddypress forums project??
    You may be the first with such a plugin.

    Comment by george — 2011/01/31 @ 13:49

  2. Well, I’ve kind of turned my back on Buddypress for now, because I don’t see it coming close to my needs at the moment – its momentum doesn’t seem to be towards usability and functionality. But now and again I do a bit of work on this – hence my recent post re Python.

    Comment by andrewsinlondon — 2011/02/01 @ 19:35

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