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In the beginning

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In the beginning, was Christian Aust’s mailman plugin for wordpress

And that does a simple job, well. Users can subscribe and unsubscribe to one or several mailman lists.  The admin chooses the lists, from the set of public mailman mailing lists operating on the same server. All interactions are done via python.

So, I’ve started with that, and am working at extending it:

  1. DONE: users can now switch between subscribed, unsubscribed, subscribed but receiving no messages; or subscribed to the digest
  2. IN PROGRESS: I’m working at providing an alternative web connection to the mailman options screens, in case local python access isn’t possible.  One of my target projects uses cPanel, which can be fussy about interfering with command-line access to mailman
  3. AMBITION: to post all messages received on a mailman mailing list, onto a specific forum
  4. AMBITION: to ensure that those messages end up on the right topic!
  5. AMBITION: to forward any messages posted onto the forum directly, get forwarded onto the mailman list too
  6. AMBITION: to prevent loops – I don’t want any messages getting repeated infinitely, bouncing between mailman and forum
  7. AMBITION: to provide an easy way to merge buddypress membership with mailman membership

That’s probably enough for starters, isn’t it? I’ll start posting code up, next


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